The Pouchless Kangaroo Report: A Kangaroo Taking Pictures

I am a confident kangaroo. I am one of the best kangaroos on the Internet. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and a website are all part of my social media outreach. Through those platforms, I have told you that kangaroos sleep on the ground, eat grass, bounce and that female kangaroos have pouches. You all probably knew all of that stuff but to hear it right from the horse’s mouth makes me a proud kangaroo.

I took a bunch of pictures of Demetria Schulmeyer at my photography studio because I’m a kangaroo that has a photography studio now too. I bounced all over social media and now I want to bounce into photography.

I took a picture of Dan too…

Thanks you two for giving a kangaroo a chance. Pretty good pictures for a marsupial with no thumbs…





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